'U cchiù doce d' 'a vita è 'u ddurmi'. (The sweetest thing in life is to sleep.)

Sleep is the best thing in life.

goodnightAll rooms are furnished with natural materials, such as wood and cloth, to offer you a relaxing and comfortable environment.

The wooden furniture, in fact, not only gives our rooms a pleasant comfort, but also has a positive effect on the human body as it helps to lower the heart rate making your sleep more restful and makes you less sensitive to changes time.

The quality of sleep is a priority for us to satisfy next to the hospitality and courtesy.

For this reason we guarantee the availability of orthopedic Pillowpillows of various sizes, allowing you to sleep well away from your usual bed!

Our rooms offer the right environment for your comfort. For the duration of your holiday you will certainly be surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere.